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            1. 企业发展历程.png2009年10月1日华盛江泉城大酒店正式营业

              In October 1, 2009, Hua Sheng Jiang Quancheng hotel official busines


              On the 18 th of October 2011, it was evaluated by the National Tourism Administration and the China Hospitality Industry Association formally. The five star hotel was officially launched.


              2011 Shandong Hua Sheng Jiang Quancheng Hotel Plaza Limited won the 2011 Annual top fifty enterprises in Shandong catering"


              In 2011 twelve month Chengjiang Quancheng Hotel won the "revitalization of Luozhuang labor certificates"


              In March 2013, Hua Sheng Jiang Quancheng Hotel won the "second Shandong Hotel award"


              In 2014, it won the "advanced unit of quality service in Shandong hotel industry".


              2017 years of Chengjiang Quancheng Hotel won the "Shandong Province Hotel Industry Conference Hotel 50"