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            1. 5aa49b00387bb.png企业目标:创世纪伟业 造百年江泉

              Enterprise goal: to create a century to create a century

              企业精神:干事创业 诚实守信 科学发展 造福社会

              Enterprise spirit: doing business, honesty, trustworthiness, scientific development, and benefit the society.

              企业使命:经济效益 社会效益 前人栽树 后人乘凉

              Enterprise mission: economic benefit and social benefit one sows and another reaps

              管理信念:创造一流的公司业绩 追求高尚的人生价值

              Management belief: create first-class company performance and pursue noble life value.

              经营理念:节能生产 和谐发展 成果共享 真诚永远

              Business philosophy: energy conservation, production, harmonious development, achievement sharing and sincerity forever.

              管理原则:大公无私 实事求是 一视同仁 奖罚分明

              Management principles: seeking truth from facts equally be selfless

              管理方针:规范化 军事化 现代化 科学化

              Management policy: normalization, militarization, modernization and scientization.

              人本管理:关心好 支持好 利用好 维护好 监督好 

              People oriented management: care, support, make good use of, maintain and supervise well.

              服务铭:不求今日明拍手 但求明日暗点头

              Service sign: don't clap your hands today, but ask for a nod tomorrow.